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Chris Gauntlett Clinical Myotherapist and trainer

Chris Gauntlett

Chris Gauntlett is a Melbourne based clinical myotherapist, strength and condition coach, martial arts instructor, and personal trainer. He is the founder and director of Resilience Massage and Training.

Chris has over fifteen years of experience providing evidence-based, myotherapy therapy and functional strength training solutions. He caters to clients with a diverse range of injury rehabilitation requirements, personal training needs, and performance goals. These include:

  • Elite level athletes
  • Those seeking workplace and sports injury rehabilitation
  • The disabled
  • Children
  • Older adults
  • Those simply seeking better health while having fun and becoming more active

In addition to his qualifications in clinical myotherapy and functional strength training, Chris brings a wealth of direct practical experience to his service. Chris has trained and competed at an elite level in several sports, including full contact Muay Thai kickboxing. Chris has experienced numerous sports injuries throughout his career. Some have required lengthy periods of rehabilitation. Consequently, Chris’ functional strength training and clinical myotherapy services are informed by a wealth of practical experience and knowledge that goes beyond mere ‘textbook’ understanding.

Despite being an ageing athlete, Chris is just as passionate and dedicated to his personal training as he was at twenty. He is constantly seeking to develop ever more efficient and productive methods of training and treatment. Every aspect of training and treatment – whether it be clinical myotherapy, functional strength training, or martial arts instruction – has been personally tested and vetted. As a consequence, Chris stands by the effectiveness of his approach. His methodology is continuously being tested, reevaluated, and refined.

As well as being a clinical myotherapist and strength training coach, Chris is also a professional martial arts instructor. Chris has over two decades of martial arts teaching experience. Martial arts classes and training at ResilienceMT include:

Sessions and appointments for all ResilienceMT services are tailored to individual needs. They combine a broad and comprehensive understanding of training and myotherapy methodologies. They are informed by the latest science on human movement, sports medicine, and exercise physiology.

For professional qualifications and certifications, please connect via LinkedIn.

Alice Beaven Personal Trainer

Alice Beaven

Alice Beaven is a Melbourne-based strength and conditioning instructor, boxing teacher, personal and group trainer. She has been in the fitness industry for over seven years. After spending her twenties as an inactive overweight person,  Alice became serious about exercise when she turned 25. Through a program of regular exercise and healthy eating, Alice managed to lose an impressive 35kgs. Having experienced the profound changes and benefits that regular exercise and healthy living made in her own life, Alice decided to switch careers, and begin helping others to achieve similar positive outcomes. Overtime, her love for helping people lose weight and live healthier lifestyles has evolved to include helping and training a diverse range of people from all walks of life, such as:

  • Teenagers

  • First-time gym goers

  • People managing injuries

  • Post-surgical return to training

  • Pregnancy exercise

  • 70yo +

  • Diabetics

Alice understands that everyone has unique training goals. Therefore, Alice offers a highly tailored approach to personal training that caters specifically to individual requirements. No two people are the same; everyone has different training interests, needs, and abilities. Hence, Alice takes pride in providing unique individualised training programs, that are challenging but achievable, that get results, and are above all else a lot of fun! 

Alice finished top of her class receiving Master Trainer and continues to upskill through short courses. Just a few of the courses Alice has completed include:

  • The Art of Pad Work

  • TRX and Kettlebell Workshop

  • High Intensity Resistance Training

A much sought after feature of Alice’s training programs includes her skill at injury management. Prior to becoming a trainer, Alice was no stranger to injuries herself, and has experienced a variety of rehabilitation programs and approaches. Her first-hand experience here, uniquely informs Alice’s approach to personal training. She has helped many clients experiencing injuries, including those with pre- and post-surgery specific needs, to continue safely enjoying the benefits of regular personal training, pain free. 

Ultimately, whatever your personal training needs and goals are, Alice will help you achieve more than you thought possible. Her scrupulous, thorough knowledge and experience makes her an expert in assessing the needs of a client and meticulously following through with the right training schedule.

To book a training time with Alice contact her on:

0401 642 299.

You can also follow Alice on Instagram by clicking here.

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