Clinical Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Functional Strength Training and Martial Arts

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Injury Rehabilitation and Physical Performance

The primary purpose of Resilience Massage and Training South Melbourne is simple: To help you achieve physical and personal resilience. ResilienceMT offers a unique combination of training and treatment services. Services include clinical myotherapy, remedial massage, functional strength training, and martial arts. Our aim is to help you realise your physical potential and to challenge your preconceptions about what is possible.

Everyone’s training and treatment goals are different. At ResilienceMT our primary focus is to provide tailored treatment and training programs to suit specific individual requirements. Click on the following tags to find out more about our services:

ResilienceMT offers many pathways to achieving optimised individual health and physical performance. Our treatment and training programs are diverse as they are specialised.

For example, a person training for weight loss will find utility in the high-intensity workouts offered by Boxing and Muay Thai. An older adult with chronic back pain will benefit from clinical myotherapy and the gentle exercise of Tai Chi. A young woman seeking general fitness and self-defence will benefit most from the practical techniques offered by Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Furthermore, an athlete seeking sports injury rehabilitation will require a tailored clinical myotherapy and functional strength training program.

Regardless of your physical goals – whether you are seeking relief from musculoskeletal pain, injury rehabilitation, improved athletic performance, martial arts instruction, or just want to get fit and achieve better health while having fun – at Resilience Massage and Training we have a customised program to suit your specific health and fitness needs.

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